Monday, January 01, 2007

I love dog

Dog is one of the loyalty annimals in the world, i always believe. Though I was biten by dog before(not my dog of course), I always think of raising dogs when I settle down some day. Today after seeing "the Eight Below", I firmed my mind.

I bought the DVD for a long time, but always wanted to watch it in a good time. Today is good, the first day of 2007, alone in home, with some fruit salad. This is the moment I enjoy.

The film is touching, and the dogs, the main actors and actresses, are so good at acting. In fact, you couldn't believe they are acting. All of those are really natural, making me laugh as well as cry. In a rugged world of cold and snow, the eight dogs help each other and try their best to survive even when people expected they couldn't make it.

Finally they made it after the death of two of the peers and fighting with stronger enemies. They learnt how to take care of each other. Though they couldn't speak human languages, I know exactly what they are thinking.

After all this, the start of the New Year seems more meaningful. I know the world is far bigger than I could imagine and there are far more things I need to cherish. I have a lot of things to do.

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