Thursday, January 11, 2007

financial jobs hunting in HK

Seems because of my reply on a job-hunting enquiry last time. Now I got another reader Levy asking for the investment banking job market in the city. Gosh, I am not an investment banking expert. But I will try my best to give some suggestion here.

Levy, as you graduated from a Finance major in a top 3 university, I guess your knowledge is already enough for u to work in an investment bank, though maybe hard to join the "investment banking" branch of the IB. I guess you could easily find a trader/sales position in an established IB with your undergraduate major as well as internship in a London investment bank. But you certainly needs a MBA degree to further develop your career in IB.

So my suggestion is: if you have enough money to go for a MBA, then go to a brand one and come back to HK in two years. That will save a lot of time for your career development. Or if you want to work in IB for a few years to see if you really like it, then start job-hunting in HK now.

But several tips:

(1) if you are still a student now, u will not have to pay application fee for the MBA, which will save a lot of money.

(2) HK market is bullish now, so the job market is really good now. Many IB have new openings, so great opportunity.

(3) Don't only ask financial journalist for suggestions. Try some real I-bankers, and you will benefit from an internal view.

Hope this will be helpful to you.

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