Friday, August 26, 2005

myself_My five weird habits

Lily, my classmate, invited me to write my weird habits coz she though I should have to write more about myself in the blog. Asianpan, an online friend, also asked me to do that. Seems I have to post them before they are upset, hhhh...

My five weird habits:

(1) watch Korean TV series for the the whole weekend, without moving. (except going to the washing room)

(2) hang around on the street without any idea where to go. (If I have time)

(3) like watching handsome guys(hoho, the habit for all girls, maybe)

(4) watching movie alone (coz it is better to get a good position)

(5) speaking different languages in the dreams (I have dreams in English, Cantonese, and maybe Korean)

Chain rule: 1) write five of your weird habits2) invite five other bloggers

My invited bloggers include:

Fons (don't always report on China, report on yourself, too)

Marc (your habits must be interesting)

Leaffe(You never update your blog, but please update yourself, haha)

Andrea(haha, you must be busy without posting for weeks, right?)

Isaac(Am I crazy to invite such a famous blogger? hmmmm.... I am)


Lilya said...

1) can I join?
2) can I join?
3) i do that when in mood.
4) can I join?
5) i do that too- Korean, French, Japanese, Malay...

Fons Tuinstra said...

Amy: You have not weird habits at all! I have even less weird habits. Will give it a thought when I have completed my latest move.

Dementos said...

Lilya, how could you 'join' number 4? ;-)

Amy or koala said...

haha, dementos, you are right: Lily could join others, but not No.4. haha.

Lily, you could speak French, that's great.

Fons, don't you think they are weird? hmmm, I am always shy to tell others for fear of being discriminated:)

Marc van der Chijs said...

Hi Amy, anonymouse works again, so I can read your blog again. My weird habits include among others:
- when I can sleep long on weekends I normally get up early to check my email and then go to sleep again (I sleep much better then. However, sometimes I forget to go back to sleep).
- I drink liters of sparkling water per day (even though it is difficult to get in China)
- When I do sports I always try to make it competitive. Even running on the threadmill: if the person next to me is 2 km ahead I will do everything to 'catch' him/her before he/she stops. Of course the other person does not know this. Also always try to tell myself I will only run 10K, but when I am at 10K add another 2K, then another etc. until I almost die.
- Always try to be the last one to board a plane (strategy to get best seat that is still available)
- Cannot do nothing: in taxi's I always work on my laptop, in waiting lines I read a book. I feel bad when I cannot do anything useful. Cannot change it...