Thursday, August 11, 2005

Media_who's buying who?

After an hour, Yahoo will take a 35 percent stake in Hangzhou, China-based Alibaba for $1 billion, including cash and the total asset of Yahoo China, reported Red Herring. Friend Marc also reported here.

Interestingly, Sina's headline about the story is "Alibaba will buy the whole Yahoo China this afternoon".

Wow, Amy wonder what the word "buy" means in the Wall Street. Without spending a cent, you could buy something, right?


Daniel said...

I think here "buy" is means annex.
Yahoo! get Alibaba's 35% of stock, and Alibaba got Yahoo! china crop.
So you can say Alibaba buy Yahoo! China Crop.

Amy or koala said...

sorry but I could not agree. In some extent, it is just an exchange deal, instead of "buy". coz buy itself is an too general word, it could be buy wholy, also buy partly, right?