Thursday, August 04, 2005

Media_the seminar of "blog in China"

My department held a seminar today, inviting Hu Yong, a official CCTV producer, to tell about "blog in China". As I myself did some research on the Chinese blogs in the last half year, I am more curious to know what kind of people will be interested in this kind of seminar.

The first type is the local media people. They are interested to know if blog will help the news freedom in China. I saw people from local newspaper and radio, even news wires. Not sure if they will report on this, but they seems interested. I even met a reporter from Hong Kong Business, and she said her editor is interested to see the blog business's development in China.

The second type is academics and students, most of them from mainland . They are enthusiastic about new media's effect to China's politics. A student from Tsinghua university asked if China will be more and more strict on people's speeches.

The third one is foreigners who could speak Chinese, to say exactly, Mandarin. I am not sure why they are interested. Maybe because blog is so hot these days.

As a Chinese blogger, it is amazing to see how many people still don't understand blogs in China, or even just blog itself. Sometimes, I always assume others know what I have already known, but unfortunately they don't know at all. Maybe other people have the same problem like me.


Lilya said...

I'm sure blog will take flight in China when mobile blog is more developed!

Daniel said...

Mobile Bolg may be is fastly devloping in china mainland. You can see it has some types of Mobile blog.
And I think if 3G comes, it will be well developed.

Fons Tuinstra said...

But did he say anything interesting?

Amy or koala said...

Lilya and Daniel, right, I totally agree with you that mobile blog is fast developing in China now. Just as blog itself, only a few knew it around 2000, but now see how many people are blogging now.

Fons, I am personally interested in the question I raised yesterday "Who is regulating on China's Internet now"? He answered there are so many, like Ministry of Information Industry, Police, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Culture, and so on.