Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Media_mobile weblogging

Charlene Li, an Asian-American woman who expertises in technology and blog business, suggested two moblogging website in her story, Rabble and Winksite.

The two blogging website believes that the integration between blog and mobile will make the similar success as one between mobile and camera. But the disadvantage in the first one is that the blogging websites don't have the direct access to users; they have to cooperate with certain mobile carriers to fully provide the service. Think about MMS: it is not that popular because different handsets couldn't support with each other; things will be same here, when different carriers couldn't support with each other, too, or charges huge.


debi jones said...

Hi Amy, actually if you link to Charlene's story, you see that she attended my moblogging session at the BlogHer conference where I recommended those 2 services. For more about WINKsite and Rabble see this post. Thanks for extended the conversation.

Btw, Charlene Li is an industry analyst at Forrester, and yes she's been following and writing about technology for a long time. She's a great talent.

Amy or koala said...

oh, that's nice,jones. But I don't know if the two sites will be restricted by mobile carriers' strategy.

mobile jones said...

Amy or koala, WINKsite doesn't use MMS. In addition, the problems with MMS have been the lack of carrier interoperability not handset capability. WINKsite uses WAP, therefore access is across wide variety of carriers and handsets, and Rabble has a phone client in either Brew or J2ME depending upon your need. The purpose of being on the carrier's portal in these cases is the positive impact that placement has on sales. There's a big difference in marketing costs and sales volume for on and off portal mobile services. As you probably know, the bulk of blog content is text. Another thing to think about.