Monday, January 02, 2006

New year, new plan

It is a bit of late to conclude the year of 2005 today. But I still would like to that.
The just-past year is the Chinese rooster year, which is my "animal year". Old sayings predicted that I will get involved in unfortunate stuffs this year, so I need to wear red socks, red belts and red....pants, haha. But I found I had been lucky this year. I had a good time in the University of Hong Kong and known a lot of friends there. Then during summer holidays I spent one month in Shanghai, doing a fantastic internship and meeting many friends,too. Then I worked with an interesting newspaper in Hong Kong in the second half of the year till now. The God gave me so many opportunities to try different things, which is really a great present for a young professionals like me.

The problem now is that I lost myself in so many opportunities. I think I could do many things, but I know I need to focus to develop the specific expertise. I like journalism, I like designing, I like fashion, I like technology,,,,, but each of them may demand my whole life to contribute. Then I hesitate.....

Everyone has a new wish in the new year. Me, too. I wish I could experience a difference kind o life somewhere else before I make my final decision.

How about you guys' wishes??

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