Thursday, January 26, 2006

Media_what a shame to repeat the same action

I always love my country, but it doesn't mean I should always bear the stupid thing the government has ever done.
---a sentence I should remember for the whole life.

Bingdian, a popular column on the official pioneer youth newspaper- China's Youth Daily, was shut down yesterday, possibly caused by a story it published blaming on the current textbooks. The author, a philosophy professor Yuan Weishi with Zhongshan University in Guangzhou, said it is not right to continute using the same history textbook now as the one during the 1950s to 1970s when several disasters including cultural revolution happens. He said the textbook should not just teach students that the world only has right things and wrong things; there should be more democratic things the children should differentiate themselves.

He compared the students who study the textbooks as "the generation feeding with milk from wolves'' and argued the school should teach how to be a modern citizen instead of to be crazy activists.

It is believed that the comparation has made some official angry. But the fact is what he argued is reasonable. Textbooks are already out of date; but the regulator seems has no idea to change it.

If you always block people from speaking from their bottom of heart, then one day nobody will speak to you.

I will remember yesterday, Jan.25. when Bingdian, the most popular columns among Chinese youths, were closed due to stupid decisions.

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