Saturday, January 14, 2006

Amy's another blog got readers, too

Amy loves reading Chinese history, the reason why she opened a blog, also in blogspot, named the history of China.Unfortunately, she only posted one story there, the translation of a Chinese poem.

Amazingly, someone have read that. Ted, a guy living in Singapore, wrote to Amy Friday to tell his interest in China's history. Wow, it is really nice to know friends with same interests in the world.

That's the reason why Amy doesn't want to leave Hong Kong now. Full of Chinese culture, you will feel like home.

Amy have given up the opportunity to Milan, Italy. A little frustrated, but I believe the decision will help me focusing on my current media career.

My generation is kind of "lost generation" in China; we know western culture more than the local ones. But when one day I went to a Chinese artistic exhibition, it was amazing to see how beautiful they were. Fantastic paintings and accessories, and suddenly I fell in love with them.

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