Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Media_Internet and celebrities

Living in Hong Kong, your life is never short of celebrities. TV, newspaper, posts, or even on the street, you will meet them and their big, exaggerate photos. I can't help thinking of how they make money, and how much.

My friend Edwyn Chan, who is an Internet enterprenuer in China, looks to think in the same way as I do. One of his interesting posts told about the sameness between internet business and pop stars. I would like to say it is only part of the truth. The most important point is the exposure. Celebrities could earn money shooting advertisements if they are popular; so do internet websites. See Google grab how many advertisements from traditonal media.

But could exposure make all the things? a little doubt.


Lutz_W said...

Hi Amy, I read Edwyn's posting lately and thought it was quite interesting, moreso cause I'm writing some stuff about Attention Economy and websites at the moment at my own blog.

I wanted to post a comment at Edwyn's site the other day, unfortunately the site is down for several days now. Is he doing some relaunch or sth?

:) <- Lutz

Amy or koala said...

Hi, Lutz, not sure what happened to Edwyn's blog recently. I tried but not failed to access too. I guess it is because his server was shut down as he was on the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday.

If you are really intersted in talking to him, why not sending a piece to his email: I am sure he will be interesting to talk to you;)