Friday, February 25, 2005

Report your competitor

Commenting on competitors is always a hard thing for the company to do, not to say reporting. From this story, Reuters(a leading financial news service) reporting on its competitor Bloomberg, you can see Reuters is trying to be neutral, without give any further context. It quoted from New York Post telling the corporate restructuring at Bloomberg. But it may more focus on if Bloomberg would be sold to other companies, to say, Microsoft Corp. Hmmm, if that's true, does it mean the merging between IT company and information provider will begin?


無塵工作室 said...

Speaking about commenting on competitors...This reminds me of a funny incident, but doesn't have anything to do with IT - In the phamaceutical industry in USA, the clinical issues of 'Cox 2 inhibitors' (a painkiller) is the main current thing, because it increases the chance of cancer. Two of the biggest companies who make these medicines, Merck (they call it 'Vioxx') and Pfizer (they have 2 products called 'Celebrex' and 'Bextra'), were asked to comment on the incident. Merck acknowledges that their drugs can cause usome problems with users, and Pfizer said that only Vioxx has problems and theirs are fine.

I guess, when competition between companies are great, it's indeed very hard to give an objective views on the rival.

I think this trend had already started, with IBM concentrating on E-commerce, and Intel doing more 'client-orinted' products instead of somply making fast processors.

Amy or koala said...

hehe, IBM call it "on demand":)

Victor said...

Yes, IBM has sold its loss-making personal computer division (the third player globally) to Lenovo.
Interestingly enough, what were Dell's (the leader) comments on the deal?

無塵工作室 said...

I think Dell accused IBM of outsourcing (Dell assembles their own computers in the USA).