Sunday, February 13, 2005

Back to my writing

I was absent from here in the Lunar new year. It was the first time I celebrated it alone in a strange city far away from my family. I missed them so much that I didn't allow myself to write.

I told myself "Amy is not a soft girl" and tried to enjoy the life in the city. I visited a friend in Discovery Bay, a beautiful island near Hong Kong. The place is peaceful with children playing in the plaza, bird singing in the tree and lovers sitting together beside the sea; The place is also strange that "it is, in fact, not part of Hong Kong", said my friend. But the peace is always based on the money. My friend's 120-square-meter flat costs them 90 thousands HK dollars per month, which almost equals with the salary of a school professor. Besides the Peak ( the place where the most rich men lives) and the Central (the place with the most expensive office), the expense of Discovery Bay may rank as the third in Hong Kong.

Back to the "actual" city, there are more activities where grassroot people could enjoy, like "Flower market"(a special place for people to buy and sell things under the sky) and fireworks. Dozens of thousands people came outside to enjoy the new year air, when I stayed in my small flat to enjoy my favorite song:

"Always afraid of missing you when I am alone,
always afraid of hearing of your news,
The end of the way of love is departing, though,
I would still choose to walk ahead"

I always tried not to write my personal feeling and pretended to be more "professional", but I can't help to writing this time. Because the days are special.


無塵工作室 said...

I'm so sorry to hear this, I know how you must have felt - I was in the same situation myself when I was in UK for the 1st time (I was 9 then), away from my family and all alone. Seeing others celebrating the new year with their families, you must want to see them very much...

Amy, I feel bad that I can offer you no consolation here, I just hope you can try to take into account that life in fact test us in many ways, it drains all our energy and makes us sad, the only way to tackle it is to open your heart and face them, then One can grow more mature and stronger. Think of the good memories you had and it will make you happy. Your family also wants you to be strong and happy as well, so be happy, for their sake and yours.

Amy or koala said...

Thanks for your understanding. Fortunately, I have already come over and back to the work again. BTW, your words are the best consolation to me.

無塵工作室 said...

my face just blushed...haha...thank you for listening to a stranger@@...

Keep up the good work! Unfortunately I have reports to write the coming weeks, so I will be back to read ur blog soon.^^