Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hukou makes differences

When I was in the junior school, I had classmates who were from rural area. They have to pay more tuition than I did as they didn't have a urban Hukou, which is just like the a born certification for farmers.

This is not good, I always believe.(Except for those family want a second child, they could have the quota if their first child is female and the mother has rural Hukou). But for many, they are curious of having the same treatment as ones from urban areas. At least, all my friends are eager to get them.

So many of them tried through illegal ways such as spending a lot of money, maybe a year's income. Then they will have the advantages to enjoy better schools, better medical system, and even better husband/wife. Also, a Hukou in big cities such as BJ and SH will enjoy special treatments in entering universities and job huntings.

But, wait a moment, how come different borning place, instead of hard working or smart minds, could decide a person's fate? That's at least unfair to almost two thirds of the total populations living in rural areas.

So here I saw some good news: Zhejiang province said it will unit both urban Hukou and rural Hukou together by 2007, Xinhua reported. If Zhejiang could do it, the other areas may be on their way.


lawrence said...

And it's funny that the same word Hukou carries two totally different meanings in Hong Kong and mainland China.

In mainland it means Household Registration System, as in this post by Amy.

In Hong Kong, it means bank/email account!

Amy or koala said...

hoho, thanks for the clarification. I just realized that......