Monday, May 01, 2006

The future of E-paper

One day in last August, when I gave a lecture on New Media and Internet to a bunch of experienced reporters, someone raised the below question:
E-media couldn't replace print media as people still prefer to read papers instead of computers.

Suddenly I came up with the idea of e-paper. I answered: right, but rememer technology improves faster than people think; maybe one day we have the e-paper, just like print media; you don't even need to read as it will read for you.

Now, seems my answer comes true. A Belgium newspaper De Tijd, is planting the traditional newspaper style into the electronic form without any change in the format, probably coming in this month. Though the e-paper still lacks color, it is no longer a science fiction, said New York Times.

Wow, amazing? isn't it? That's Amy always like technology. You couldn't really imagine what kind of chocalcate in that box.

It is expensive, but you could imgagine the future. No paper waste, always changing text and advertisement, more importantly, you could only bring a piece of paper instead of inches-thick paper.

When the newspaper is said to be dying, here is another solution. But don't make it too complicated at first. At least, I don't need to update it " Wi-Fi hot spots or through Internet connections", as it will be too expensive charged by greedy telecom operators.

Say, I have a X41 Tablet, but never(maybe once or twice per month) to use digitizer pen; I also have the news service on my mobile for financial news and entertainment news, but I never read them as it is too complicated and easily be charged more than you planned.

So let's say if e-paper will be nichy or mass........


Fons Tuinstra said...

The question is, like Dan Gillmor asks, whether anybody is waiting to read their newspaper in a different way:
Might be the old generation that is still addicted to the old format, but to get the new generations in more changes than only technology might be needed.

Lutz_W said...

I think, e-paper will come along anyway. A lot of companies already put substantial efforts in this field over the past years, and surely they will want to get some monetization from the technology. I guess companies doing packaging and advertisement will be happily jumping on this gravvy-train for example. And maybe later magazines and newspapers would join in eventually...
As for the customers: a lot of technological ideas suitable for the broad public are being mirrored in sci-fi-movies. Just remember "The Island" or "Minority Report". I think people could get a good grasp of the usage of e-paper in such movies, and eventually would want to have it for their own.

:) <- Lutz

yopy said...

Well, for now, it can only co-exist or complementary to each other.

I subscribe to e-paper at Its look exactly like newspaper, when turning the page it give u the sound of turning the page. U can save a particular story of interest into pdf file where u can send to friends or family to read it.

The other difference is when u want to read a particular section on the page, u need to Zoom-in. For me, its convenience, for others in my family, the feel of holding a newspaper in their hand still is the best thing.

E-newspaper is here to stay. Will it gain wider audience? Time will tell.