Sunday, May 28, 2006

The best cappuccino in Hong Kong

I had the best cappuccino in Hong Kong on Saturday, and along with a great blueberry cheese cake. The place is called Cova in Lee Gardens of Causeway Bay. (the introduction and the address could be found here from our paper).

The cappuccino is not as much sweet as others do, and there is no gap between the level of milk and the coffee, both two mixed pretty well. The Blueberry cake is beautiful, along with some soft cream. (Pity me didn't photo it before I eat it out). Besides, the environment is good, with decent tables and chairs. My friend who was with me there definitely knows the best place in Hong Kong. The price is not that bad, three cappuccino and two cheesecake cose 255 HK dollars.

Good try for all.


Buccaneer said...

hey amy

i was in hong kong for a few months last year. I loved the place. I was staying at Tsying Yi, Office was at Sham Shui Po, and had visited many places like Ocean Park, Victoria Peak, Tshim Tsa Tsui.....wish i had stayed longer :)


Amy or koala said...

hoho, sure, please visit the city next time.

wannabe said...

i've never tried the cappucino at cova, but i've always like that cafe. let's go there together next time!

Amy or koala said...

sure, no problem, Julie