Saturday, February 25, 2006

Media_free newspaper

All the newspaper will become free one day, I believe. They could just live on advertisements. Then how about the paid TV?

Media conglomates always think big futures in paid TV. But I still wonder if customers will pay for it in a world you could always have free things from Internet. See, blog, has already changed people's concept to pay to read; and radio and TV will follow the same trend when people could easily make their radio and video productions online, just like they did to the blog.

Lol, let's come on to get another big business.

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Lutz_W said...

Even though podcasts and vidcasts are more difficult to generate and distribute, I'd quite agree with you. Consumer generated media will be THE next revolution in practically every field. Not only newsstories or videos -- think about trackbacking advertisements, working 2-ways.I guess there will be a lot of suing and stuff like digital-rights-management till the media-industry will adapt to that. Still, there are already the first fragile attempts going on, just look at or

Anyway, I don't think that movie-blockbusters (and thus paid TV) are endangered by this. They work on a different economy.

:) <- Lutz