Sunday, February 05, 2006

Media_A coming graded Internet

In Chinese, we say "people have different grade, such as rich and poor, or high class and low class". But the words were not once available on Internet, though now a new Internet with different grade seems coming.

Here, a new system to give priority to paid emails is created, while we could imagine how our unpaid, or free emails, will be treated by our email providers. One email may take a day's time to arrive to the right place because it doesn't been paid. (read the story on NY times)

There, opened a new blog site for celebrities in China. Imagine how many comments got for a female star Xu Jinglei? over 500, and always. So on an Internet which should be fair, celebrities draw more attention.

Internet is also the society; In the start-up, you feel free and fair; later, you will find someone has more power that you; at last, it is the society like we are living now.

So what? give up the Internet, me?///

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