Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Society_be good to animals

raccon dog_2
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raccon dog
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The fur of raccon dogs are separated with knifes when animals are still alive. The scene happened in one of the villages in Hebei province in China, reported Sina.

Those animals should hate humans forever though they are dead. Pity them.

It made me think of some Chinese's extreme actions towards Japan's possible election to U.N. counsel. It is already a new era when the relations between China and Japan has changed a lot from dozens years ago. Chinese should be view the development in a new way. But to those victims who suffered from the war, they may never forget the day when they were treated as those raccon dogs.

"Do not do things that you don't want others to do". An old Chinese saying said. Please remember, those crude people who treated animals badly, and those who never committed they have done that.


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