Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bank_Financial Planner, everyone's need?

"Hong much money do you need for the remaining life before you retired?" A question came from one of the financial advisors in a seminar. It should be about three million HK dollars to maintain a decent life, but you need at least nine million taking the inflation into consideration, he said.

That's you will hear if you have a personal financial planner. He will help you get a steady return on your savings with investing into different financial products. He will also prepare you for the number of money planning for the certain periods. A professional word for the service is "Wealth management".

The best companies in wealth management is from Swizterland, such as UBS, according to one of my business professors. Many small companies begin to fill the gap between individual customers and investment banks. B M Intelligence in Hong Kong, who is listed on the growth enterprise market, is one of the examples, who helps the individuals find the right financial products, from various investoment banks.

BM's advantage should be their small size with the turnover of about 9 million HK dollars in the last fiscal nine months, so that it could be quite flexible. But how it will compete with giant investment banks is a question because the sales department in those banks are always more aggressive. BM could focus more on the individual customers, which may not attract those sales people in the banks, though it is less profitable.

The money they offer is not that attractable, with only about 14,000 HK dollars for a financial planner and 8,000 for a planner trainee. With those money, how to maintain a decent life for themselves?

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