Sunday, March 20, 2005

Opinion_memorize campus BBS

Ask any graduates in a Chinese university, BBS will always be part of their lives. But now, one of the largest university BBS-Shuimu Tsinghua( was closed from the outside visitors. The other largest ones, including the BBS in Fudan University(in Shanghai), Nankai University(in Tianjin), Wuhan University(in Hubei) and Zhongshan University(in Guangdong), were urged to change to a campus internal forum at the end of February. Outside visitors, including students from other universities, are not allowed to visit those bbs since March. A list of announcements is here.(Sorry, in Chinese)

BBS is always a forum for students inside and outside the university. SMTH is the most popular one where students could always exchange ideas, informations. etc.

I knew the news the day before yesterday. My first response is "it is unbelievable". How do you believe the most famour SMTH. org in Tsinghua could be closed in one night? But unfortunately, it is true. I couldn't log into the website any more. Protestors are memorizing SMTH in their own way. Photos are here.

Foreign media preferred to use "irony" to describe my country, China. I hate that word, but I have to say it is irony this time. A simple example: the most popular forum in SMTH is named "going abroad". Tsinghua Students overseas always come back to the forum and teach students in the campus the experiences to apply and study in the U.S. schools. With the closing of the BBS, it means that there's no chance for them to communicate online in the future. I guess Mr. Zhou Qi, Director of Ministry of Education(the one who announced the new rules of campus BBS), was one of the Tsinghua students, who benifited from using SMTH, before he got the admission from New York State Universtiy.

I called a friend in Nanjing University yesterday. She was really sad.

"Where could I check all the useful information(on the other BBS including SMTH ) later?"

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