Saturday, March 26, 2005

Bank_Hu Xiaoliannew China Foreign Exchange chief

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Central bank official Hu Xiaolian, will be named China’s top foreign exchange regulator, taking over the running of the country’s currency reserves and steering planned forex reforms, the latest news from Sina today.

Hu, 46-year-old, is the assistant governor of the People's Bank of China now. Hu is widely regarded as a top expert on currency management because of her experience at the State Administration of Foreign Exchange.She had served as vice chief of the regulator from 2001 till August last year, when she went to the central bank, reported Reuters.

Hu is also the general managemr of the Central Huijing Investment, the state-owned company holding the investment in the commercial banks such as China Construction Bank and Bank of China.

Hu and Wu Xiaoling,another speculated candidate for the FX chief, were classmates in the post graduate studying class of the Central Bank, the place where most top banking officials studied.
Wu is now the No.1 Vice chief of the Central bank and in charge of the currency policy.

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