Thursday, March 03, 2005

Mozilla Firefox enter into Chinese market

Mozilla Firefox, a web browser competing with Internet explorer, will enter into Chinese market after its Chinese website opening tomorrow, reported Sina. com(in Chinese).

The Chinese website is supported by the software branch in Chinese Academy of Sciences and Sun company. But my opinion is that the popularity of the web brower is pushed by its users, rather than companies or research organizations.

The Chairman of Mozilla Firefox Foundation, Mitchell Baker, said that it was still unknown how many Chinese are using the web browser, though media reported that there are already 8 per cent of the people using Firefox in the world.

Personally I would like to suggest the Foundation doing a survey on how many Chinese websites support the browsing of Firefox. I guess the result will not be satisfactory.


Eric said...

Most normal sites can be browsed decently in Firefox. Maybe not perfectly, but okay.

And I suspect Firefox will become even more popular once there's more awareness of the "AdBlock" optional feature which allows you to block the disgusting number of Shockwave ads on mainland China websites.

Amy or koala said...

hehe, but why many website I met do have problems being browsed in Firefox, like the most famours alumny website Chinaren.

But I agree with you that the feature to stop pop-up ads will attract many people:) I would advise they try to advertise in the college.