Friday, January 18, 2008

What makes online shopping fun?

One good thing living in U.S. is the convenient online shopping. You could almost buy everything online. My favorite part is to buy clothes. There are a lot of websites selling designer clothes such as The wonderful interface design made the online shopping very enjoyable. Victorial secret also had a pretty cool online shopping site. I used to believe in going to the real shop to buy clothes, but now it seems not necessarily.

Several days ago, I started to shop ski clothes. My friend recommended the website It is founded by a GSB alumni as I overheard. The pricing is not bad, though the quality of those pictures are not perfect. I have to go to websites such as to find the high-quality pics to compare different clothes. But it's a great fun, and in fact very time consuming. Now, I got one Northface alpine jacket and a Salomon waterproof pants from them. The bad thing is they don't really update their stock often. So there is a big chance that you buy something online, but they don't have it in stock. It makes a really bad customer experience though they will give a 20 percent discount and free shipping fee.

Just read from Lightspeed blog that female is the major force in social networks. that's very true. I believe in the online shopping space, it's the same thing. Especially in China, when female has more money and more independence to spend the money. hmmm, good business opportunity.

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