Friday, January 11, 2008

Google Naps

I had my first tour in Google today, and of course, free Google dinner. (They do have a lot of chefs) but I would suggest better Chinese food. (I tried Italian though)

It is a very casual place, kinda of like a school with a lot of cool gadget, from the almost-real spaceship as well as the massage room. The most interesting thing to me is the Google Naps. It's a little bed(or chair) with a big white round "hat". You could sleep inside while nobody could see you from outside. (maybe they could only see your legs)

Walking in Google, I feel strongly the engineer culture. A lot of cool stuffs, and a lot of smart people. No wonder they are doing something great to change the world. However, the company grows so fast right now, and a lot of workers have to share rooms. For example, three people will share one little room. Personally, I do like a bigger space, because you couldn't have a free thinking in a very limited room. So Google should buy more real estate right now to expand the space, and it's also a good time to invest in real estate in U.S. right now.

Growing from a small company to the world's largest one must be a tough process, and I believe Google is on its way, not easy.

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