Thursday, December 27, 2007

Link to our media trip to LA/NY

Finally our crazy-busy media trip finished, but it will stay in everyone's memory for a long time. I wrote the blog for the trip, which could be seen here

Media is a huge asset in U.S. After talking to creative Hollywood writers/producers and the critical media such as New York Time and Newsweek, I got a sense on how the media has shaped the American culture. People in media pursue independence, creativity and fairness in producing their works. A lot of them consider it as a life-long career and a hobby. We see how Disney changed people's view towards the world, and how New York Times generated daily topics on the table.

Also, the media industry changes very fast, while no one could predict the future, even including the executives in big media companies, which has made media industry a quite fun place to work in.

It's difficult to run a media organization in this stage, but there are still a lot of smart and hard-working people working on this. I am sure media will go back to the central stage very soon.


Lingzhi said...

can't wait to know about this trip.

"media will go back to the central stage"? but, what is in central stage?

Amy G said...

If I didn't take it wrong, it meant the center of the stage.