Thursday, April 12, 2007

A new window to me

A very refreshing tour to me, I am in Washington D.C. now. The weather is cold and freezing, which made me catch the cold. The 16-hour-long flight from Hong Kong made me sick, too. But all in all, it worths the effort.

I am on a very prestigious fellowship program visiting the U.S. to learn about the media practice here. More important, the learning starts from a policital pospective, which is a totally new area to me, a working financial journalist. The schedule is very tight each day, and I found I could only sleep six hours a day to catch up the conferences, seminars, meetings and then self-readings.

Most of the information we got from senior government officials and research fellows are off the record, so I couldn't speak a word. But the process talking to those people is something really exciting and fasinating. We talked about the new technoloy's impact on the U.S. media(one of my favorite topics), George W. Bush's wrong decision on the Iraqi War, the Cross Straits relations between China and Taiwan, or even who will won the 2008 presidential campaign. The people we met are all knowledge experts, though they may have different biases. And it is very educational to listen to them, challenge them, and also, bring a Hong Kong and China perspective to U.S.

Tomorrow, I will be heading to Austin, the Lonely Star once-to-be. The experience will be very different from D.C. and I know I will learn another U.S. from there.

P.S. the Internet access is very limited here, and very expensive(US$10 a day). So I will keep more time on writing my thoughts and hope to share with you folks soon)


Cole said...


I am a Canadian who has been investing directly in HK stocks through HSBC Canada for the past three years. I was looking on the web for a chat group or blog discussing the HK market and came across your web site. (There is virtually no-one out there in cyberland discussing relatively small Hong Kong companies in English.)

My strategy is more or less "value investing" and I think I have found a number of opportunities in the HK market to diversify my Canadian portfolio.

Do you write a column in Engish?
Can you direct me to people or sites that could be of interest to me?


Mr A.K. said...

Your D.C. trip sounds pretty cool. Good luck, Amy

Amy or koala said...

Hi. A.K. thanks a lot. it is quite fun:)

Hi, Cole, thanks for the reply. And very glad to see you are playing HK stocks. You could read our paper for the information on company stocks. If you read Chinese, I could recommend some other newspapers.

Cole said...

Hello Amy,

It seems that you are on a very busy schedule in the USA and so I will wait until your return to Hong Kong to pursue my inquiries about investing in Hong Kong as compared to Canada.

I will ask, however, what you mean by "our paper for the information on company stocks". Name? URL?

Have a good trip,