Tuesday, August 22, 2006

google and blogger

Google.com has started to let its gmail user log on blogger.com......automatically....... Frankly speaking, I hate it. Come on, I am already the user of blogger.com and gmail.com. Now with my gmail opening, I have to log out first when i go to the blogger.com and then log in again. Troublesome.

It is not a google way. in my concept way, google should be cool, cool, cool. It just needs to attract users by excellent services such as google map, gmail, google talk and so on. But not by forcing users using the service under the same account...automatically......

Just want to say another thing but first annoyed by the above things.

An employee of baidu.com was killed by the door guard after she finished the work in the midnight. It was late then, almost the midnight, so she just slept in the company, while the door guard, a bad guard, went inside trying to rape her. However, the girl resisted hardly and then the guard killed her. (Quote from the link in Chinese)

It was not about Baidu.com, though it may be be that popular online if it is another company. but the security is just so bad, even guard will do illegal things. When economy develops quickly, people miss a lot of other things, such as ethics.

The old China has various rules on ethics; though they are old, they are still useful in maintain the peace in the society. or the society will expand too fast, just like a balloon, and finally.....booh..boo... bo....


Marc van der Chijs said...

Hi Amy, I can finally leave comments again on this blog because blogspot is no longer blocked (commenting through a proxy did not work). With regards to Gmail and Blogger, I don't fully understand what you mean. I can use them at the same time without logging out. Was it a temporary problem?

Amy or koala said...

congratulations, Marc. Welcome to your comments:) In fact, I mean if you use mozilla firefox, then try to log into gmail.com first with your gmail account, and then open another tab to log on to blogger.com. See what will happen.

If the same thing didn't happen to you, I guess it would because you save the user account and password for both sites. Google will not force you, or in a better word, suggest you to log on to blogger.com via gmail account.