Thursday, August 31, 2006

Arrived in Shanghai

It's my first working day in Shanghai. I stayed in the city for almost two months in the summer last year and then left for Hong Kong. Now, I am like a totally freshed person to the city. No idea how to use subway to go to Pudong, no idea of the humid weather, and no idea of the people here.

Staying in the office, I have a private room, much more comfortable than the Hong Kong office. People here leave office really early, while I still continue working as a HKer, the only one remaining in the office.

Tomorrow will be a big conference. Will be terribly busy. I should have some time to enjoy myself in SH.


Calcifer said...

I tried to leave a message to your before, but not a single time I managed to go through the authentication.

Just want to tell you that your blog is very interesting. -Cliff-

Amy or koala said...

thanks, Cliff.