Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Media_difference between mainland TV and Hong Kong TV

One thing I always enjoy at home(not the apartment in Hong Kong) is the difference in the TV channels. Besides the language, HK TV always brings in the western culture, while mainland's TV stations totally tell different things. My parents, especially, are super funs of the TV series from CCTV-1, the most important official TV station of the central government. Now on the show is about how a emperor three hundred years ago united Taiwan and the mainland.

History is always similar now and then. The series tell the current situation between mainland and Taiwan, everyone knows that. Will there be war or will the officials support negotiations? Questions always remain within people's mind, but apparently, everyone cares.

This is part of the usage of the media. Unlike from HK's which is totall entertainment, mainland's are more concerntrated on politics and country affairs. Media people in Hong Kong, including newspaper, radio and TV, always ask what is the right way to develop themselves. I would argue at least they should care more about the country instead of the city, more about serious matters instead of the entertainment. Then, they may have the way.


Justin said...

The mainland TV -- especially the "historical" epics -- are largely propaganda fiction, as you must know.
Three hundred years ago Taiwan was controlled by the Dutch who were thrown out by a Chinese pirate who was fleeing the mainland.
Ch'ing troops killed him and his son but basically Taiwan remained a loose-lying area for the next 200 years. At times, the Manchu attempted to extend their control over the natives and Chinese who had settled there, but there were numerous clashes between the local population and officials sent from China, leading to the well-known saying in those days: "Every three years an uprising, every five years a rebellion."

Amy or koala said...

hoho,that's history, always divided and reunion....