Sunday, April 23, 2006

always nice to have friends in HK

It's already a week since I came back to HK. A extreme busy week until yesterday when I could have some fun with the friends. Always feel warm to meet and talk with friends, and I think I am lucky.

Julie,one of the best friends, and her fiance Ed, took me to Shek O for lunch. Shek O is based on the east side of Hong Kong island and has a beautiful view of mountains and seas. We tried Thai food which are really good. People there are more relaxed than in Central, and you couldn't believe it is part of HK.

Then in the evening, I met Melissa, the so-called Spicygirl from Sichuan province, through Andrea's online introduction. The world is smaller and closer because of the Internet, isn't it? Though I still dreamed to open a farm and get away from the computer, Internet is something must, I have to admit. Oh, back to the Melissa, she is a fun girl; we talked a lot about life in China, HK, U.S. and Europe. She is a bit older than me, but amazingly, we had a lot to talk about. Maybe that's because of the same culture we come from. At last, we decided to go for some sport later.

That's Hong Kong. When you feel lonely, someone will always come to you. Just like yesterday evening, some stranger in the bar smiled at me for almost a minute. Though I may never want to know him, I still feel happy. At least, friends will always be the reason I stay here longer.

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