Saturday, September 03, 2005

Opinion_enjoy a free weekend

After started working again, suddenly I feel the importance of a free weekend.

Slept at 3 am in the evening, I got up pretty late today, almost 11am. Wearing my favorite clothes, I got to a famour Chinese restaurant in the downtown. Though my friend came an hour late, I enjoy a fantastic meal with her in a nice mood. We eat the traditional Chinese morning tea as well as the most popular dessert in the restaurant. At last, I gave the manager a big smie.

After that, I went back to school to enjoy the fresh air here. Sitting in the computer roon, I viewed all the blogs in my portofolio that were missed in the working day, also I read many interesting news(not in financial sector, of course). I even go to a science fiction website in my university to download the list for SF films and fictions. I may write some of the science fiction in the future.

There may be a gathering in the evening. If not, I will go back home and work on my SF plan. Amy is always a SF fun and believes in the stuffs such as time travel and butterfly effect. Hoho, my dream is to be a SF writer, though it is still too early to say.

Tomorrow is free, too. No plan yet, but there will be some interesting things to do.


Lilya said...

you look great!

the Bromgrev said...

So you want to write SF, huh? You'll have to get in line, I was here first! :-)

Amy or koala said...

Thanks, Lily:)

Bromgrev, you also write SF?

the Bromgrev said...

Haha, what I mean is I also wish to be an SF writer! I've written countless plot outlines, and even got as far as writing half a chapter, once, but I've never had the patience to make the dream come true ... :-(

Amy or koala said...

hoho, really? What kind of SF do you like? Have you learned SF writing style before?

the Bromgrev said...

Well, being male, I mainly like "hard" SF like Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke, but I'll try to read almost anything if it looks interesting enough. Learned SF writing style? Can't say I have, although I read almost nothing else and even my primary school essays always turned into SF.