Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Real-time search, is this the future?

One thing I like about Twitter is you get real-time news from real-time people. Google news can't do this since it depends so much on newspaper. For me, twitter is more like what is happening to the world now, while Google news is what happened yesterday. A question I've always been thinking is if twitter can replace Google since a lot of people definitely stopped blogging and started twittering.

Today I ran into this website http://www.collecta.com/, which is a real-time search engine. It is still in early stage, but it is interesting that it searches comments across the web and tweets too. I can see this is a very good news tool for me to get updated information(though have to be specific, all you will get random comments all over). Newspapers is running out of fashion, and the next one is news wires.

A break from Google for one second. Just for some fresh news.

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