Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Start a company in the valley or in China?

My friend Marc raised an interesting question a few days ago: start a company in the Valley or China? I personally have been struggling with this question for a long time. So here is my two cents. would love to hear the feedback.

Start a company in the Valley:

1. Good weather(save a lot of time)
2. Lots of investors
3. Lots of start-up peers
4. Lots of bright engineers inspired by the dream
5. Good life style(all super outdoor, good to your health)
6. Good food(Chinese food:))
7. Good Stanford alumni network(good for me)

Start a company in China
1. Cheap operational cost
2. big and potential market
3. Bright engineers but hard to be inspired by the dream
4. Good food
5. lack of entrepreneur with successful track record
6. Familiarity of the market and culture(that's just for me)
7. Decent family time(that's for me, too)


Spam Bait said...

How important it is for your company to be located close to your consumers or can you make something in one location and sell it to another ? Can someone else from other locations becomes your competitor easily ? How's you talent management skill ? How much do you enjoy managing people ?

Amy G said...

good comment, spaim bait.