Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Difference between my Chinese thinking and American thinking

A native Chinese under an elite American education system:

Speaking in the class
my Chinese thinking: respect what professors say
my American thinking: challenge what professors say

Working with partners
my Chinese thinking: try to get along with first even he doesn't perform well
my American thinking: fire him when he doesn't perform well

Meeting with new people
my Chinese thinking: talk and chill first
my American thinking: let's talk about business

Going to a party
my Chinese thinking: have to go because the host came to my party last time
my American thinking: i am busy and don't really want to go

and there are more........

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Spam Bait said...

Sounds like:

Your Chinese thinking: Becareful, people can make my life miserable, so make them think I am harmless.

Your American thinking: Let us deal with business first. I can handle the human factors when it comes up.