Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Support Andy Xie

I shouldn't try to support someone on my blog since it is not an unbiased report. But Andy Xie worths this. He is an independent economy research and once Morgan Stanley's chief economist in Asia, and is now blamed for "being a US citizen". (see the reports from Standard)

It is not a citizenship problem; the cause is Mr. Xie's bearish reports on China's stock market. An article for an editor on Securities Journal blamed Xie's negative speech as being a US citizen. All in all, it is a big cap that tried to make readers hate Xie.

Not to mention if Xie is Chinese citizen or not. People have freedom of speech if this speech doesn't affect other's safety/security. People have freedom to choose their citizenship if this change doesn't affect other's safety/security. We see a lot of non-Chinese speak good things on China, and a lot of Chinese took bribed money from China to overseas. A citizenship means nothing; for someone who dare to say something different, it's unfair to close his/her mouth. It's also dangerous to a country. China needs much more of those types like Xie.

I just saw an annecdote on Obama today. He is going to bring blackberry to the White House though it is dangerous for his securitiy.

He said: "If I'm doing something stupid, somebody in Chicago can send me an email and say, 'What are you doing?'

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Miike said...

I agree whole-heartedly with you. Every week I try to follow up on the economic situation in China. Without fail, I will search for Andy's writings and comments, as well as check his blog. For relevant cutting-edge analysis on China, there is simply no one else I know who is better at the moment. China would do well to listen to him.