Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Reasons being bullish on China

Here is a fun piece from Jeff Farley, columnist of Seeking Alpha on why he is bullish on China after a two-week ground visit. He is probably more positive on China than I do, such as quote: " I would describe the Chinese government as similar to the parent of a teenager (which is kind of where they are in their economic development). They allow a lot of freedom but there is also supervision, direction and strong decisions made for the good of the country and the masses. The way I look at it is, parents are not violating human rights when they tell you your curfew is midnight, or you must go to school, don't do drugs, cut your hair, you cannot get a tattoo till you are 18, don't drink and drive, you cannot drive the car if you flunk out of school, or you better not get your girlfriend pregnant."

You could see how people change their opinions after being there by themselves. You can also see people's opinions in the 30 comments following this. Anyway, a good read if you want to learn how biases vary.

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