Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chinese Earthquake Relief Effort

The Sichuan earthquake turns out to be a major disaster. From the first minute I heard it from a friend in Shanghai, to the moment where my two best friends' families suffered in the region, the information flowed around and I felt worse and worse. Over 30,000 people died and most of them are kids who were studying in the school. I remember seeing a photo with the bodies of students lying underground in the ruined classroom, with pencils or textbook still in the hand. I was wordless. They are supposed to be having a bright life, but suddenly an earthquake took all their lives. Why they are under protected, and why they can't get out of the classroom immediately?

This may not be the time to argue for the cause of those death, since people are busy saving lives. However, I still want to say we need an effective national emergency system, especially in areas with frequent disasters. Stanford just tested its emergency system, while it can reach everyone via mobile phone or fixed phone immediately and automatically. China needs this too. We have to make sure we are able to notify everyone in case something happens. Even if sometimes the notification is not accurate, it is still necessary to notify because life is the most important thing.

P.S. We are organizing a charity sale in Stanford now. Today is the first day, and we have already raised over 5000 US dollars. We will continue to raise money tomorrow.

Some reader asked me the websites on donation. There is only a few in English, such as Jet Li's One Foundation. I kinda of curious why Red Cross China doesn't even have an English website.

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