Tuesday, July 25, 2006

bad Mozilla Firefox

When I first started to use Mozilla Firefox two year ago, I thought it is really cool. Sunny brand, plus convenient function of opening multiple pages in one window.

Now I really hate it especialy when I open the task manager and see how much space it took from my laptop's RAM.

The space Firefox takes seems bigger and bigger, or biggest of all. Basically, it loses the advantage as a thin tool. Of course, it adds much more function, but more complicated. To persons such as me who like simple things, Firefox becomes boring. Even today when I opened Asiaexpat.com, a website said it preferred Firefox, the software could only open half of the pages, and then stopped, saying "done".... what a stupid software la.

So I opened the IE to work on everything, though it is troublesome to open so many windows. hoho, back to something familiar, the feeling is not that bad.

I like simplie stuffs, finally found...

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