Monday, October 03, 2005

Society_consider things in different concept

Amy is always a fun of science fiction, in other words, Amy loves dreaming of the world. But Amy felt bad when hearing another bombing in Bali island, Indonesia, though she was enjoying her favorite ice-cream? Gosh, is it the peaceful earth everyone loves?

Different thinking way make people do different things. If those two Malaysians, who is guessed to start the bombing in Bali, could think more about individual's lives beyond their own religion, then they might not do such things to kill more than 25 people who are totally innocent.

That's how human think. Sometimes we thing big, sometimes we think small, but the best way to decide our doings is to try to balance those big things and small things.

Think large: we are living in the earth, which is, as far as we know, the only planet in the universe. So all humans are in a family where we should help each other to protect our home. One example is the earth environment protection association.

Think smaller: we have different countries, where people speak different languages and have different culture. For example, I am a Chinese, which make me always feel close to the people with same nationality; I tend to speak and write in Chinese, and I would like to maintain the Chinese culture for the 5000 years.

Think smaller and smaller: Each person has his or her own life, family and friends. They need to work to support themselves and relatives. They have to think about their own staffs.

So how large/small do you think every day?

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