Friday, July 07, 2006

Crazy Amy in a crazy Hong Kong

It' s always interesting to begin a new job, except that it always makes me crazy. New environment, new colleagues, new style and more important, new pressure. Am I a gongzuokuang, meaning crazy working type? I guess so. I could work for non-stop eight hours, and then water, and then another four hours. Even in the dream, I am still working.

Life is just like a box of chocalate and you never know what you will get from there. That's exactly true. Now what I get is a hard Swiss black chocolate. It is not easy to bite but really chanllenging. Also, you feel more and more sweet flavor for the process.

I've been thinking about the role of newspaper in the era nowadays. Peter Lynch, the famous fund manager, once said that newspaper is such a good and profitable business. Right then, but now so many competitors around the newspaper. For example, websites, companies don't need to release information to newspaper; instead put infos on the website. Another example, newswires who could operate for 24 hours and update every seconds.

So what will make a newspaper special? The content, the specific content, and the breaking content. That will make people curious to know the "new" thing from the newspaper, not the thing already given in the press release, not the repeating of the stock market annoucement. It is hard to maintain the principle as reporters are so easily attempted to do the easiest job. But newspapers have to maintain the principle, just as they have to maintain the balance way.

Something new, something I must get.

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